What is Regionalization, Anyway?

Eddy Atallah is an MPH candidate at BU SPH and has served as the Activist Fellow focusing on regionalization at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health since the beginning of the 2017/2018 academic year. As his fellowship is coming to a close, we sat down with Eddy to learn about his experience. What made you … Continue reading “What is Regionalization, Anyway?”

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Spotlight: Local Public Health Institute

Did you know that the Activist Lab is home to three, federally-funded training centers, each with a different mission and audience? Here’s a quick look at one and how it may benefit you! The mission of the Local Public Health Institute (LPHI) is to improve public health and preparedness capabilities by creating, implementing, and sustaining … Continue reading “Spotlight: Local Public Health Institute”

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Cheryl Sbarra Receives Gail Douglas Award

On Saturday, November 4th, Associate Dean Harold Cox presented Cheryl Sbarra with the Gail Douglas Award. In June 2006, Boston University School of Public Health established an award for excellence in public health practice to acknowledge an outstanding member of the public health practice community. The first recipient was Gail Douglas, an honor she received … Continue reading “Cheryl Sbarra Receives Gail Douglas Award”

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Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach

MDPH and SHIELD are pleased to announce an exciting new workshop entitled: Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach, which is being offered by the Race Equity Institute (REI) of Greensboro, NC.   This lively and interactive program will establish a foundational understanding of how race-based structural inequities impact school health access and outcomes. This foundation will provide … Continue reading “Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach”

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