One Hood Youth Peace Basketball League

Students and coaches from One Hood Basketball League

Uniting South End and Lower Roxbury teenagers since 2007, the One Hood Youth Peace Basketball League recruits players from rival neighborhoods that share a history of conflict. In 2009, league organizers began using a new strategy to defuse the tension: placing teens from different neighborhoods on the same team. Now, kids from the Cathedral housing development … Continue reading “One Hood Youth Peace Basketball League”

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Transgender Rights: Current State and Federal Laws

mayor walsh raising the transgender flag over Boston

The Activist Fellow engages in specific topics of public health advocacy for at least a semester. Starting in the Spring of 2018, one fellow will focus their work on the Transgender Rights Policy Initiative. Current State and Federal laws regarding Gender Identity or Expression Gender Identity Guidance, MCAD, December 2016 Written “to educate the public about … Continue reading “Transgender Rights: Current State and Federal Laws”

Blackstone Youth Connections Campus Tours

Students from Blackstone Community Center visiting with Dental Students

Associate Dean Harold Cox and members of the Activist Lab host groups of middle and high school students from Blackstone Community Center on tours of the medical campus, as well as other Boston University facilities and campuses. “I didn’t want to bring them here and just show them a classroom” Cox explains, “I wanted them … Continue reading “Blackstone Youth Connections Campus Tours”

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Barkley Holiday Party

Staff at the Barkley Holiday Party

Every year, the Activist Lab partners with the BUSPH Students of Color in Public Health to throw a holiday party for the children of the Barkley Housing Development, located near the BUSPH Campus in Boston’s South End. Many of the Barkley residents utilize the many services and programs administered by the Blackstone Community Center. Engaging … Continue reading “Barkley Holiday Party”

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The Community Committee

the Community Committee

The Community Committee is comprised of Boston Housing Authority residents, community leaders, and representatives of local community agencies. Community Committee members conduct resident health needs assessments, provide health and wellness information, sponsor an annual event called Bridging the Gap, and serve as a voice for residents of public housing in matters of health and well-being. … Continue reading “The Community Committee”