Stop Handgun Violence Advocacy Toolkit

On Saturday, April 28th, Stop Handgun Violence, M&R, and the Activist Lab came together to provide a community training opportunity around gun safety and advocacy. During this seminar, participants received a foundational knowledge about gun violence and why it is considered a public health crisis, current laws on the state and federal levels, and a toolkit … Continue reading “Stop Handgun Violence Advocacy Toolkit”

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Bystander Intervention Training

Sadly, the incidence of hate crimes and incidents has risen in the past year.  BUSPH is committed to providing training to members of our community (students/staff/faculty) on Bystander Intervention – i.e., how to react when you see another person being harassed or assaulted – especially because of the person’s identity (race, religion, gender, gender identity, … Continue reading “Bystander Intervention Training”

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Spotlight: Local Public Health Institute

Did you know that the Activist Lab is home to three, federally-funded training centers, each with a different mission and audience? Here’s a quick look at one and how it may benefit you! The mission of the Local Public Health Institute (LPHI) is to improve public health and preparedness capabilities by creating, implementing, and sustaining … Continue reading “Spotlight: Local Public Health Institute”

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In the Classroom: Translating Passion into Action

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“Advocacy is like a baby crying in church,” Harold Cox said to the collected students. “She knows she needs to communicate with Mom to get what she wants, and Mom is interested in helping the baby and giving her what she needs—but she also sees all of these people trying to strain their necks to look back … Continue reading “In the Classroom: Translating Passion into Action”

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Local Public Health Events Calendar for 2017

A skilled public health workforce is essential to the effective delivery of public health services at the local level. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health works with statewide and regional public health professional associations, academic partners, and other training providers to promote and advance the catalog of training and continuing education offerings for local public … Continue reading “Local Public Health Events Calendar for 2017”

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