Life on Albany Street Hackathon


A hackathon is traditionally considered to be an event, lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. The Activist Lab is applying that concept to real-world activism in public health. This fall, the Activist Lab is hosting the first hackathon and the theme is Life on Albany. Where … Continue reading “Life on Albany Street Hackathon”

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Barkley Holiday Party

Staff at the Barkley Holiday Party

Every year, the Activist Lab partners with the BUSPH Students of Color in Public Health to throw a holiday party for the children of the Barkley Housing Development, located near the BUSPH Campus in Boston’s South End. Many of the Barkley residents utilize the many services and programs administered by the Blackstone Community Center. Engaging … Continue reading “Barkley Holiday Party”

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The Community Committee

the Community Committee

The Community Committee is comprised of Boston Housing Authority residents, community leaders, and representatives of local community agencies. Community Committee members conduct resident health needs assessments, provide health and wellness information, sponsor an annual event called Bridging the Gap, and serve as a voice for residents of public housing in matters of health and well-being. … Continue reading “The Community Committee”

Research: PhotoVoice

woman taking a photo

PhotoVoice is a project aimed at addressing the social contextual factors that influence the prevalence of obesity among Boston public housing residents. Participants from four Boston housing developments received a camera and took pictures of their health landscape, answering these questions: What does healthy look like to you? What motivates you to stay healthy? What … Continue reading “Research: PhotoVoice”

Partnership in Health and Housing Committee

harold cox attending a P.H.H. meeting

The PHH Committee provides guidance for planning and prioritizing the activities of the PHH, and provides suggestions for connecting BUSPH faculty, staff, and students to PHH activities and projects. Members of the PHH Committee: Sally Bachman, BU Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice Tracy Battaglia, Boston Medical Center Jane Fox, BU Center for Advancing … Continue reading “Partnership in Health and Housing Committee”