Gun Violence: Stories Behind the Numbers

How can journalism, the creative arts, and public health work together to say #Enough? At the Global Health Storytelling event Gun Violence: Beyond the Numbers, activists discussed the personal and societal impacts of gun violence and the need to reframe and advance dialogues. #Enough. After the Orlando nightclub massacre of 49 people in June 2016, Boston … Continue reading “Gun Violence: Stories Behind the Numbers”

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Gun Laws Requiring Domestic Abusers to Surrender Firearms Could Save Lives

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POSTED ON: September 18, 2017 TOPICS: dating abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, Gun control, gun violence, guns, Intimate partner violence The mass shooting in Plano, Texas, this month was the deadliest of 2017. It also fit a pattern: The shooter had targeted his estranged wife and her friends and family—and had a history of intimate partner violence (IPV). Now, a new study led … Continue reading “Gun Laws Requiring Domestic Abusers to Surrender Firearms Could Save Lives”

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#ENOUGH: It’s Time for Congress to Act

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Professor Michael Siegel on the overdue need for Congress to restore federal funding for research into gun violence, second in a four-day video and social media campaign to draw attention to the toxic mix of access to guns and the rhetoric of hate. #Enough In the aftermath of the mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub in June 2016, the Activist Lab … Continue reading “#ENOUGH: It’s Time for Congress to Act”

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