Resources to Take Action

These national organizations are lobbying Congress and organizing in communities to reduce gun deaths in America.

Americans for Responsible Solutions
Gabrielle Gifford’s organization, founded to persuade leaders to stand up for responsible gun laws. Offers scripts for calling Congress, and spreading the word to your friends and family.

American Public Health Association
The APHA has a variety of resources and research on the gun violence epidemic. Participate in the APHA Action Alert: “Tell Congress to pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence.”

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Learn how your state scores on gun laws and gun death rates. Support their campaigns to expand background checks for gun sales and hold gun manufacturers and sellers accountable.

Everytown for Gun Safety
Everytown’s list of 7 actions you can take to tell Congress that enough is #enough. Check to see if your town’s mayor supports the initiative for common-sense gun laws – call to thank them if they do, or ask them “why not?”

Stop Handgun Violence
Features common-sense measures to limit injury and death from firearms, particularly for gun owners. Gun owners can be part of the solution – check out “Actions at Home.”