The Community Committee

the Community Committee

The Community Committee is comprised of Boston Housing Authority residents, community leaders, and representatives of local community agencies. Community Committee members conduct resident health needs assessments, provide health and wellness information, sponsor an annual event called Bridging the Gap, and serve as a voice for residents of public housing in matters of health and well-being. To learn more about the PHH Community Committee contact Eugenia Smith, or 617-638-5366.


Bridging the Gap

Residents of Boston’s public housing attended Bridging the Gap this summer to discuss healthy ways to live.


Members of the Community Committee:

  • Rukia Ali, Whittier Street Resident & Whittier Street Health Center
  • Arleen Carr, Franklin Hill Resident
  • Betty Carrington, Bunker Hill Resident
  • Marsha Chery, Washington-Beech Resident
  • Remona Davis, South Street Partnership for Democracy and Education
  • Matilda Drayton, Alice H. Taylor Resident
  • Maggie Drouineaud, Faneuil Gardens, Boston Public Schools
  • Amina Egal, Bromley-Heath Resident
  • Rachel Goodman, Boston Housing Authority Liaison
  • Mirtha Nin, Archdale Resident
  • Peggy Santos, Franklin Field Resident
  • Eugenia Smith, West Broadway, Chair
  • Joan Whitaker, Franklin Hill, Action for Boston Community Development