Response from Dean Harold Cox to Recent Natural Disasters

Flooding in Texas during Hurricane Harvey

The stories about the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and the Mexico earthquake have been gut-wrenching. The story from Texas about a little baby floating in the water while clinging to her dead mother is an image that will stay with me forever. There have been stories coming from Puerto Rico about no electricity. … Continue reading “Response from Dean Harold Cox to Recent Natural Disasters”

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Effective Altruism after Disasters

Volunteers and rescuers working at collapsed building at Colonia Roma, Mexico City.

Este artículo también está disponible en español. The overwhelming support shown towards the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the recent natural disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean embodies the importance of solidarity in the face of emergencies. Donors both within these countries and elsewhere must ensure that the aid they provide is timely, … Continue reading “Effective Altruism after Disasters”

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What to Know Before You Donate

Woman donating money on a smart phone

Many people have valid concerns about making financial contributions. Before deciding where to donate your money, don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.

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Activist Month Featured Events

Activism – The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. Dean Galea and Associate Dean Cox have written on this point before. When answering the question, “why activism?”, Dean Galea said, “An activist school can, above all, turn theoretical concepts into reality—an asset for a school that aspires to train … Continue reading “Activist Month Featured Events”

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