A Festive Night at Barkley

Last week, we partnered with the Students of Color for Public Health (SCPH) to put on the annual Barkley Holiday Party for the children of the Ruth Barkley Housing Development just a few blocks from campus. Chrystel, the President of SCPH summed up the party perfectly in a recent interview, “We’re coming together to create a safe space for … Continue reading “A Festive Night at Barkley”

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‘We Need to Train People Differently’

Kathleen oversees the workforce development programs of the Activist Lab and has a faculty appointment in the Environmental Health Department.  She teaches MPH courses that focus on environmental health, community engagement, and public health preparedness and develops and delivers online, classroom, and blended trainings for the public health workforce. Kathleen is Principal Investigator (PI) for … Continue reading “‘We Need to Train People Differently’”

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‘Who Is Most Affected by Our Research?’

In Conversation With Madeleine Scammell

Madeleine Scammell (SPH’08) Associate Professor of Environmental Health Breakfast: Coffee and a bag of nuts (“I was thinking this morning about how everyone in this series says oatmeal.”) Hometown: Orleans, Massachusetts Extracurricular: “What’s that?” How do you describe the bulk of your public health work? When I give the elevator pitch of what I do, I … Continue reading “‘Who Is Most Affected by Our Research?’”

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