The Peace Institute: Call to Action

The Louis D Brown Peace Institute Mother's Day Walk for Peace

The Peace Institute is continuing to push for House Bill 742 “An Act Amending Victim Compensation.” This legislation would shift the current state statute regulating Victim Compensation so that that the circumstances of a loved one’s homicide cannot be used to determine a family’s eligibility for funeral and burial reimbursement. Too many families are re-traumatized when … Continue reading “The Peace Institute: Call to Action”

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If We Are Going to Survive the Fentanyl Crisis, More People Need Naloxone Training

Street art depicting how to use narcan

Viewpoint by Caity Bernards A couple weeks into my summer internship in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Canada—Vancouver’s notorious downtown eastside (DTES)—a young man was walking through an alley where someone was smoking crack. As he passed, the person keeled over in an obvious opioid overdose. Someone else in this situation might have frozen, not … Continue reading “If We Are Going to Survive the Fentanyl Crisis, More People Need Naloxone Training”

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Response from Dean Harold Cox to Recent Natural Disasters

Flooding in Texas during Hurricane Harvey

The stories about the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and the Mexico earthquake have been gut-wrenching. The story from Texas about a little baby floating in the water while clinging to her dead mother is an image that will stay with me forever. There have been stories coming from Puerto Rico about no electricity. … Continue reading “Response from Dean Harold Cox to Recent Natural Disasters”

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