‘Who Is Most Affected by Our Research?’

In Conversation With Madeleine Scammell

Madeleine Scammell (SPH’08) Associate Professor of Environmental Health Breakfast: Coffee and a bag of nuts (“I was thinking this morning about how everyone in this series says oatmeal.”) Hometown: Orleans, Massachusetts Extracurricular: “What’s that?” How do you describe the bulk of your public health work? When I give the elevator pitch of what I do, I … Continue reading “‘Who Is Most Affected by Our Research?’”

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The Peace Institute: Call to Action

The Louis D Brown Peace Institute Mother's Day Walk for Peace

The Peace Institute is continuing to push for House Bill 742 “An Act Amending Victim Compensation.” This legislation would shift the current state statute regulating Victim Compensation so that that the circumstances of a loved one’s homicide cannot be used to determine a family’s eligibility for funeral and burial reimbursement. Too many families are re-traumatized when … Continue reading “The Peace Institute: Call to Action”

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