Activist Month Featured Events

Activism – The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

Dean Galea and Associate Dean Cox have written on this point before. When answering the question, “why activism?”, Dean Galea said, “An activist school can, above all, turn theoretical concepts into reality—an asset for a school that aspires to train students for a real-world public health…. We aim to inform our collective conversation, fuel discussion through our ongoing strategic thinking exercise, and, at core, help clarify our efforts to improve the health of populations.”

We’ve got several activities planned throughout October (and beyond) that will illuminate the limitless capacity of our community to #Act4Change. And you are invited to join the dialogue! We ask that you share what it is that you’d like to change, what makes you an activist, by using the hashtag #Act4Change on your social media platform of choice.

Featured Events

Sept. 28:  Gun Violence: Stories Behind the Numbers
Oct. 2-6: Advocacy Primer in the Core Courses
Oct. 16: Volunteer at Rosie’s Place
Oct. 25: Life on Albany Gallery Showing & Talk
Oct. 26: Living with HIV/AIDS: Lunch & Learn
Nov. 4: Gail Douglas Award Ceremony

Keep an eye on SPH This Week for more information!