Advocacy training at PHX Summer Institute

PHX Summer Institute

More than 100 people came to campus to participate in the inaugural Summer Institute from the Population Health Exchange (PHX) from June 19 to 23. The new institute is an intensive learning environment for public health professionals and anyone else interested in learning about public health topics and skills, with condensed courses and workshops in a range of population health topics taught by expert instructors drawn from SPH and beyond.

Featured Summer Institute Course:

Winning: How to Effectively Influence Decision Makers to Advance Public Health

Harold Cox, MSSW, Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences, BUSPH
Lori Fresina, Senior Vice President, M+R
Diane Pickles, Vice President, M+R

Course Description:

A key component of change is effective and informative advocacy—even the smallest event can be used to reach policy goals. In this two-day course, attendees will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in planning, executing, and evaluating advocacy campaigns by being immersed in the Power Prism®, a framework to identify, create, and act on opportunities to build momentum in an advocacy campaign. The Power Prism® is built on six “power tools” of advocacy that help individuals and organizations convert even the smallest event into a power-building opportunity.

Through didactic presentation, case study, hands-on practice using toolkit materials, and experiential learning, participants will understand how to apply this framework to launch, participate in, and/or engage others in advocacy campaigns to advance public health goals.

Participants learned to:

  • understand the critical importance of specifically answering three key questions for advocacy campaigns – and know how to answer them;
  • identify the six power tools of advocacy campaigns and how to use those tools to build power to influence key decision-makers;
  • see their own place in advocacy campaigns and understand how they can advance public health policy personally and collectively;
  • use this advocacy toolkit in whatever advocacy campaigns they are engaged.