Training Centers

group of people sitting in a classroom

Within the broader public health community, the Activist Lab provides a strong continuing education program, building upon existing training programs for local and state governmental public health workers in Massachusetts and across New England. These opportunities focus on technical, scientific, managerial, and leadership competencies of the current and future public health workforce.

Local Public Health Institute

LPHI improves public health and preparedness capabilities by creating, implementing, and sustaining workforce development activities for local public health and other partners in Massachusetts.

New England Public Health Training Center

NEPHTC develops trainings and provides services that build workforce competency to ensure high quality essential public health services. We work with our partners to move the field to Public Health 3.0.

School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development

SHIELD provides training that fulfills DESE certification requirements, discusses emerging trends, shares best practices, and addresses the complex health issues facing school-aged children.

‘We Need to Train People Differently’

Kathleen oversees the workforce development programs of the Activist Lab and has a faculty appointment in the Environmental Health Department.  She teaches MPH courses that focus on environmental health, community engagement, and public health preparedness and develops and delivers online, classroom, and blended trainings for the public health workforce. Kathleen is Principal Investigator (PI) for … Continue reading "Spotlight: Local Public Health Institute"