Advocacy Training

Empty vintage congress hall with seats and microphones.

The Activist Lab champions smart, enduring policies that improve public health. We work with community stakeholders to identify and understand public health problems and possible solutions, then effect change through program and policy development and implementation.

A key component of change is effective and informative advocacy—even the smallest event can be used to reach policy goals. We offer several opportunities for you to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in planning, executing, and evaluating advocacy campaigns.

Activist Bucks: Innovation Grants

Knowing how to create a healthier world is not enough: that knowledge has to be turned into action. The Activist Lab is proud to announce the micro-grant program to provide support for student projects that create change through action. The Activist Lab fuels real-world activism to drive lasting improvements in the health of our local, … Continue reading "Stop Handgun Violence Advocacy Toolkit"
Activist Bucks: An Innovation Grant