Urban Solutions

Water Squad

Engage local partners to find effective solutions to challenging urban public health issues.

Our goals around urban public health issues are: To EDUCATE the BU SPH  community and local stakeholders on the needs and public health concerns of those struggling with homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues while challenging bias and stigma. To develop INNOVATIVE programs and services that address those public health issues, providing an opportunity for integration into the community in a meaningful and productive way. To ADVOCATE for policies that fill service and serve as a model for future program or policy development.

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Blackstone FitWell Center

The FitWell Center is a gym at the Blackstone Community Center funded and staffed by Boston University. It serves as a focal point for collaborative work among Sargent College, BU School of Social Work and BU School of Public Health. Students have the opportunity to complete practica, contribute to the functioning of the FitWell Center, … Continue reading "What is the Transgender Rights Initiative?"
Students working out at the Fitwell center