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Create a constructive dialogue, drive cutting-edge research, and shape public policy to end gun violence.

The Activist Lab’s goals around the issues of guns and gun violence are: To EDUCATE about the widespread harm that gun violence causes individuals, communities, economies, and beyond. To create INNOVATIVE programming and solutions that generate successful dialogue on guns and their place in our society. To ADVOCATE for common sense gun legislation to end the violence

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The Activist Lab at the BU School of Public Health is a vehicle to practice real world public health, which means we've always got something going on. Get caught up on what's going on with our work on gun violence!

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Gun Violence: Resources to Take Action

These national organizations are lobbying Congress and organizing in communities to reduce gun deaths in America. Americans for Responsible Solutions Gabrielle Gifford’s organization founded to persuade leaders to stand up for responsible gun laws. Offers scripts for calling Congress, and spreading the word to your friends and family. Enough is enough: Sign the petition to … Continue reading "On Las Vegas and the Persistent Challenge of Firearms"