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About Us

A vehicle to practice real world activism.

Knowing how to create a healthier world is not enough: that knowledge has to be turned into action. The Activist Lab represents an activist practice agenda, working as a catalyst between the School and the community to engage with partners in model programs, drive policy and system improvements, and inspire public health leadership.

The three methods through which the Activist Lab does its work are to educate, innovate, and advocate. Educate through university learning and workforce training programs to develop and maintain a skilled public health workforce, including running three major state and federally funded training centers, and integrating advocacy training into the SPH community and curriculum. Innovate by engaging local partners to find effective solutions to challenging urban public health issues, including helping residents of the Lenox-Camden Housing Development access neighborhood health and wellness programs at the nearby Blackstone Community Center. And advocate by championing smart, enduring policies around issues like gun violence and housing to improve public health.

“Now more than ever, we must educate ourselves about contemporary issues, and participate fully in solutions to those problems,” says Harold Cox, associate dean for public health practice. “We must also teach current and future leaders how to advocate about social issues, and speak out for marginalized individuals whose voices are often misunderstood or not heard at all.”

Yes, we are idealistic.  And, we are also earnest, eager, and excited to train future leaders as well as make a difference in the world.

Activist Lab Staff

Together, we are the Activist Lab! With the help of our BUSPH and Community partners, we take a head-on approach to tackling the most challenging public health issues and advocate for lasting improvements for the health of our communities. Candice Bangham Student Engagement Intern As a first-year student joining BUSPH, Candice is seeking to engage … Continue reading “Activist Lab Staff”

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