Life on Albany Photo Gallery

Portrait from Life on Albany Gallery

  The School of Public Health sits next to an area unfortunately characterized as “Methadone Mile,” a stretch of Albany Street including Boston Medical Center, a homeless shelter, and a number of drug treatment facilities. To confront this stigmatizing narrative, the Activist Lab’s educational technologist, Liam Hunt, created the Life on Albany photo series, showing the faces of people … Continue reading “Life on Albany Photo Gallery”

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Life on Albany Committee


The mission of the Life on Albany Committee is to discuss and develop initiatives across Boston University’s School of Public Health that address the issues of homelessness, substance abuse disorders, and mental illness on Albany Street as is our responsibility/prerogative both as a neighbor and a public health institution. Our goal is to build awareness … Continue reading “Life on Albany Committee”

Student Award for Excellence in Practice

Jesse and Dean Harold Cox

The Activist Lab offers the Student Award for Excellence in Practice in recognition of outstanding and innovative public health practice. This award honors an MPH student who has gone above and beyond in contributing to the health of the public. Through their advocacy work, community engagement, or public policy endeavors, this student will have shown … Continue reading “Student Award for Excellence in Practice”

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Gail Douglas Award

Winners of the Gail Douglas award

The Activist Lab is proud to present the Gail Douglas Award, given annually to one of our valued public health practice partners. Established in 2006, this award honors a practitioner who exhibits ongoing dedication to the BU SPH community through establishing meaningful practicum projects, collaborating with SPH faculty on practice-based research, or acting as an … Continue reading “Gail Douglas Award”

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