Map of Massachusetts

Over the past 15 years, resources for local health departments have diminished at the same time that responsibilities of local health practitioners have increased significantly, not least of which in the area of emergency preparedness. Massachusetts has over 300 Local Boards of Health, many of which are chronically underfunded and these inverse trends have yielded … Continue reading “Regionalization”

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Spring Break Challenge

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Build a prize-winning, community-based assessment project in one week! Every other year, students from SPH, Social Work, Dental Medicine, and Sargent College work as a team and compete to build a prize-winning, community-based assessment project in one week. The objective of the challenge is to give public health students the opportunity to work as a … Continue reading “Spring Break Challenge”

Boston Senior Oral Health Program

Demonstration on how to brush teeth

The Boston University Senior Oral Health Program was established to improve the oral and general health status of low-income seniors by increasing their access to dental care. The program provides free dental and oral cancer screenings for seniors living in public housing – those requiring preventive or restorative care are referred to our partner health … Continue reading “Boston Senior Oral Health Program”